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Southern California School of Goalkeeping (SCSG) was started in 1997.  We started training a few goalkeepers to help them with their technique.  As the talk of what we were specializing in grew, we began to look into creating a Vision, a Philosophy, and Plan for a place where players could come and learn the 4 pillars of soccer but in a goalkeepers' perspective.

20 years later, we have become a fully-functional goalkeeper academy.


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Our Story

When Jeff Tackett (Director of SCSG) played youth soccer, there were not many choices or opportunities to receive goalkeeping instruction.  Most of his life, he was self taught.  Using whatever he felt would make him quicker, faster reactions, better diver, higher jumper or just an overall smarter soccer player.  He would throw tennis ball or racquetballs against the wall to make his hand soft and become quicker.  He would use his "baseball rebounder" and throw soccer balls at it to learn how to catch better.  He watch any game he could, tape it, and watch it over and over again to see how the GK moved, positioned himself, or reacted to a situation.  He would spend ours learning the position. When he turned 14, Jeff had his first GK trainer.  He didn't learn much except that you need to be in shape to be a goalkeeper.  The trainer would shoot balls at him and conduct some drills to make him tired by the end of the session but never taught him much about the position.  When he was 15 he was able to train overseas in Europe for 2 months.  This is where he found out that GK training and GK coaching are two different things.  He learned that, there was so much more about the position then just saving a bunch of balls.  It was learning how to communicate to your team, Position yourself appropriately, and have the timing to perform the needed task, correctly.  This way, you would not see 10-20 shots a game only 5-6 shots a game.  This is what changed Jeff life and made him want to learn everything about the game of soccer and make sure he was able to give that knowledge to others.  Several years later, a mother came and ask Jeff if he would be interested in training her son to be a goalkeeper.  A few years later, in 1996, Southern California School of Goalkeeping was formed and we are now well over 200 gk's that have come to our program and the alumni continues to grow to date:  with 174 goalkeepers receiving a Athletic Scholarship to a 4-year college program, 12 professional goalkeeper, 3 senior national team goalkeepers and 100's of great human beings that we still call family.


S C S G Staff:

Our Regional Directors

Taylor Jern

NorCal Regional Director

  • SCSG Alumni (2012)
  • Played at UC Davis ('12-16) *Fresh.Player    of the year         *2x Player of    the week       *All-League Mtn.West
  • Goalkeeper coach -  Sacramento United
  • NSCAA State GK Diploma

Jeff Tackett

Founder of SCSG

  • Director of Goalkeeping /Youth Director, Empire SC
  • Professional coach (2010-14),  *Anaheim Bolts, Pro Indoor Soccer  *Ontario Fury, Pro Indoor Soccer
  • College Coach (1997 - 2012)    *Mt. San Antonio College, M.Soccer *California Baptist Univ. M. Soccer  *California Baptist Univ. W. Soccer  *Cal Poly Pomona Univ. M. Soccer
  • Licenses/Diploma (1996-2003)  *NSCAA Advanced National Diploma  *NSCAA State Goalkeeper Diploma        *Regional GK Diploma      *National GK Diploma       *AAF/CIF National Diploma          *UEFA "B" GK License (Partial)

Frank Bustos

SoCal Regional Director

  • Director of Goalkeeping/ Assist. Coach  Mt. San Antonio College, M. Soccer *2x Natl Champion *3x St. Champion  *5x League Champ
  • Director of Goalkeeping -            FC MAN United ('08-'18)Licenses/Diploma NSCAA St.GK Diploma           NSCAA Regional GK Diploma NSCAA Natl. GK Diploma


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