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Goalkeeper Academy

Our Approach:

We teach the technique of each skill until you are ready to learn the tactical aspect of that skill. Once you have improved in the tactical aspect of the skill, we move to teaching the GK the game tactics of when to use the skill and why.  Once this is learnt, SCSG believes you have mastered and retained the skill and are ready to move on to the next.  This is a continuous process.  We take great pride in making sure each GK knows, "This is a Marathon not a Sprint"  Our approach is mastery of the position not just training for the position.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in teaching the goalkeeper to not just understand their position but to become a complete "Soccer Player" in the process.  We understand the process of teaching and that not all individuals learn at the same speed nor do they learn in the same aspects.  We make sure the GK has every opportunity to understand, develop, and master the position.


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Jeff Tackett

Founder & Director of SCSG


Frank Bustos

SoCal Regional Director



Taylor Jern

Norcal Regional Director


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